If you have been battling skin imperfections that seemingly never goes away no matter how much you try, or any of the below:

SENSITIVE SKIN: turns red, feels itchy and burning when using anything. And/or breaking out when using certain ingredients or new products keeping you from being able to use other great skin care that you want to benefit from.

ACNE SKIN: angry pimples and/or deep painful cystic acne that sticks around taking weeks to go away, constant flare-ups that leaves scars.

EXCESS OILYNESS: shiny in the morning, throughout the day where you are blotting your skin.

DEHYDRATED/FLAKY: ongoing, maybe you’re stuck with this, no matter how much moisturizer or oil you slather on. Scrubbing may feel better for that one day, but keeps coming back.

It can feel like an impossible never ending battle, and that maybe you've come to accept that maybe “that it’s just the way it is”. Your skin is just not responding, and you’re practically ready to throw in the towel.

Time to get back up, because this time it’s different, let’s step back to the basics.

Before we go ahead and start slathering on all the other yummy skin care ingredients with amazing benefits to get to the point of healing the problem of focus. The very first thing is to get foundation of your skin balanced so that it can respond properly in the first place. Just like when a house is getting built, you would want a strong land foundation, or no matter how beautiful the house on top it can crumble at any moment.

The two questions:

  • What is the “foundation” of the skin?
  • What does the skin look like when it’s balanced properly?

Foundation Of The Skin

Known as the Skin Barrier, the surface of the skin you see. It’s like the gateway/gatekeeper.

When the barrier is healthy, the gates are open, allowing all the other healthy skin ingredients to pass through, feed the roots of your live skin cells; regenerating and revealing visibly healthy clear skin to the surface and healing the imperfections.

When the barrier is unhealthy, the gates are closed, its upset and defense walls go up: no matter what you use it’s sensitive and irritated or everything gets worse, even if you’re using very good active ingredients (that you’ve worked so hard spending endless hours researching about).

If sensitivity/redness is accompanied with your other skin conditions such as acne, wrinkles, rosacea, and your home care is focused on those target conditions that keep sticking around- then you’re at a stalemate.


What Does The Skin Look Like When It’s Properly Balanced?

A balanced skin is about restoring the skin barrier so the gateways re-open again. The signs we are looking for, this happens starting the first week:

  • reduction in redness and excess oil
  • starts to become absorbent, feels softer and you notice that imperfections start to heal.
  • when using home care with active ingredients, it’s responding, no flare ups, redness, irritation, and burning, itchy, new breakouts.

Deep Treatment To Reboot: Reseting The Barrier

If using homecare to heal sensitive skin isn’t going anywhere, you may want to consider adding in facial treatments.

You may be asking, “Wouldn’t just picking out the right home care be enough to restore the skin barrier? Maybe just needs time.” If you are needing to quickly get your skin back on track and have been dealing with this long enough, then read on…

There’s a difference in level of strength when it comes home care products have versus in treatment room products and protocols. When completely balancing out the skin barrier, stronger and quicker healing, the level of home care may not be enough to heal the condition thoroughly if the situation is more intensive and stubborn. You would want to combine both home care + facial treatment(s).

If the skin barrier “gateway” is more on higher alert, using just home care alone the activity level is like sending in “a few small troops” in to clean/restore everything versus combining treatment(s), like sending in 100’s of reinforcements. That equals to quicker healing and a higher quality of results.

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Choosing A Facial Treatment That is Active: The Skin Booster

Not all treatments are created equally. The purpose of a facial is having a treatment done that you can’t do at home yourself, and accessing products and tools that are strong and effective. In the case of sensitive/reactive underlying skin issue, the treatment needs to also be gentle. For a treatment to be highly effective:

  • All the ingredients must be highly active, and reach the roots of the live skin cells for natural results to occur (many of the times, within one treatment the skin looks a lot better than when you first came in.). Must also respect and calm the surface of the skin.

So we’ve designed the Skin Booster to do just that:

What Is In This Treatment?


1) Thermal Deep Cleansing- “Sauna Effect” to soften and detox the skin

Custom deep cleansing gel formulated with plant botanicals is applied to the skin followed by a heated mask providing a “sauna” effect to the skin. This softens the skin and prepares it for the products that follow.

Heat released by the heated mask:

-Rebalances the oil production in the skin
-Eliminates toxins
-Soften skin pores to help with extraction of blackheads
-Increases circulation for improved skin renewal

2) Double Ionzation- active ingredients target live skin cells

Ionized Serums-Gels formulated with active ingredients (botanicals, essential oils and vitamins) are selected according to skin condition and applied to the skin. Ionization is then performed enabling the release of active ingredients (attracted by opposite charge) for better penetration into the skin where live skin cells exists.

Immediate Visible Results:

-Helps to unravel tension in the face and to drain the tissues for more rested and glowing complexion (beauty modeling)
-Skin breathes better and is more absorbent to skin care products, reduces amount of products that would sit on top of the face at the end of the facial treatment
-Skin complexion is more radiant and sharper
-Softens the skin for easier extractions of blackheads


3) Oxygen Treatment

We treat the skin with a state-of-the art yeast (derived from plants) fermentation to increase uptake of oxygen to skin cells with vitamin peptides, multi-minerals and anti-irritant, anti-bacterial plant extracts.

Top Active Ingredients Found In The Dermal Complex:

Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Biodyne TRF, Swiss Mountain Water, Vitamin A,C & E Peptides, Organic Buddleja Davidii Extract, Organic Thymus Vulgaris Extract, Organic Edelweiss Extract, Magnesium, Copper, Iron, Zinc


The O2 Glow Benefits

  • Stimulates collagen synthesis
  • Energizes tired looking skin
  • Firms and soothes skin surface texture, leaving the skin more supple and hydrated
  • Diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Helps strengthen the skin barrier (surface of the skin) function to improve hydration
  • Speeds healing of sensitive/reactive skin
  • Deeply penetrates with a super cocktail of vitamins

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