About O2 Eye Rescue (DARK CIRCLES)

Brighten, de-puff, and moisturize the skin around your eyes with our O2 Eye Rescue, includes nourishing eye mask and an oxygen infusion with multi-vitamins.

  • Great for: Dark under eye circles, crowsfeet and puffiness
  • Product Lines Used: Luzern Laboratories, Mary Cohr
  • Care Recommended: once a month and up to twice a month for correction
  • Recommended Main Facial: Any

What Is In This Treatment?

Step 1: Ionization and Micro Current With Eye Serum Gel

Eye serum gel formulated with charged actives such as Vitamin K, Raspberry Extract and Eyeliss is applied around the eye contour area. Then ionization is performed to detoxify the tissues and allow deeper absorption of active ingredients reduce darkness and puffiness.T hen micro currents are sent into the muscles around the eyes for lifting and firming action.


 Step 2: Eye Contour Massage

Specialized massage techniques designed to tone and lift the eye contour


Step3: Eye Repair Mask

Erase signs of fatigue and add radiance

Step 4: O2 Infusion Around Eye Contour Area

Application of vitamin-infused formula containing Vitamin C, collagen-plumping peptides, and apples stem cells with our pure grade oxygen via PureBlue O2 Oxygen Machine. Helps to lighten dark circles and erase crows feet and fine lines.

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