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Treat the neglected skin on your back with our popular "bacials" or back facials in the Dermaly Body Bar.

Thanks to an active lifestyle and dry winters, the skin on your back can get congested and irritated, leading to unsightly breakouts and rough skin tone. This area is also tough to reach on your own, so basic skin care is often not enough.

We’ve got the remedy with our luxurious back facial. This intensive skin treatment delivers deep cleansing, massage, and moisture to your back for skin so beautiful you can’t wait to show it off!

Reveal a gorgeous back at the Dermaly Body Bar. Let’s get started!


  • Removes impurities and congestion
  • Reduces existing “bacne” (acne on the back) and prevents future breakouts
  • Promotes brightened, even-toned skin
  • Plumps and tones your skin with increased blood flow and collagen production
  • Deeply relaxes your whole body

What’s on the menu?

Clear Back

Deeply cleanse and refresh the skin on your back with our popular Clear Back skin treatment. This intensive facial features a double cleanse, enzyme peel, extractions, massage, and detox mask to unclog your pores and remove impurities on your back and shoulders. Includes 15 min consulation.

  • Great for: Getting ready to rock a swimsuit or outfit where you need to bare a beautiful back.
  • Price: $110 | 75 minutes + 15 min complimentary consultation for first time session.

If they think your back is beautiful, wait until they see your face!

Add these facial treatments to your Clear Back treatment and keep the glow going.

The Refresher

Give your skin a quick refresher with this efficient facial including cleansing, exfoliation, a mask, toning, serum, massage, and hydration.

  • Great for: Special occasions and monthly skin check-ups
  • Add on price: $35

The O2 Glow Mini Facial

Plump, brighten, and lift your skin with this incredible vitamin-infused facial. The O2 glow is clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, delivering pure medical grade oxygen with our PureBlue Oxygen Machine.

  • Great for: Rejuvenating tired or dull skin
  • Add on price: $45

Your Dermaly Body Bar experience

We begin every treatment in our Body Bar with a detailed assessment of your skin type and condition.

Our goal is to empower you with the right tools to keep your skin healthy, so we’ll educate you on how your skin functions and what you can do to keep it in great shape.

Next, we’ll deliver your back facial treatment, providing the right cleansing, exfoliation, nutrients, and massage your skin needs for a full detox.

At the end of your back facial, we’ll give you tips on how to keep your beautiful skin results at home. We offer a wide selection of professional skin care products designed to give you incredibly healthy, radiant skin for the long term.

Treat your back to a much-deserved detox. Contact us today to book your next appointment >


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