What to Expect: First Facial


We do things a bit differently here in helping you re-discover your confidence. When it comes helping you demistify the confusion with figuring out why you're skin isn't listening you, we take it to the next level. It's about getting you back into the driver seat so you can go enjoy a carefree happy life (without worrying about your skin troubles). We make sure to cover all the areas and not miss anything out.  Here's what to expect on your very first session:

 GETTING TO KNOW YOU & YOUR SKIN: You get to share with us all your skin worries- the stuff that keeps you awake at night, running in the back of your mind, has you sitting at your computer researching (for hours) or asking everyone you know what they're using and trying out their routine. We will go over your Skin Discovery Form to get to the bottom of it!

 KNOWLEDGE IS POWER: We 're going to teach you the SIMPLE BASICS of skin and your condition(s). Knowing what's going on allows you to make choices with confidence. If you're new to this, "Welcome!", we're going to spoil you!  :D  If you're a veteren, we invite you to join us in discovering "What else is possible" :)

GET STARTED- THE FACIAL: Jump-start your skin, wake it up and get it responsive. If you're into Power and Speed, all of our are facials OPTIMIZED . Means they are designed with professional grade machine(s), some will include more than one + Special masks/exfoliations. (We pack everything in there). We do the heavy lifting while you relax. 

 PRESCRIPTION- TOOLS RIGHT FOR YOU: Keep changing your skin while your not with us. Your home care is going to be the most integral peice of your journey. Just like you need your shoes to go walking, cooking utensils to do some cooking or toothbrush to keep your teeth healthy. You will NEED YOUR TOOLS OF TRADE. Yes, you can use any tools, but not all of them are created equally, therefore, your progress and final results will vary. We will show you some options, Professional Grade Skin Care ( the strong stuff you can't get over the counter, we got you covered!). Formulations in the home care products will be specifically selected for you to fill the nutritional gap of what your skin needs to get moving.

HOME CARING: While you're away using your home care, your skin should be getting stronger, Depending on your situation, you will be at this for 1-3 weeks until your next session. What we are looking for is, when you come into your next visit, your skin will not be where it last time.. PROGRESS...  If anytime you have questions or need some support, email us at :info@dermaly.com or visit www.dermaly.com and check out the Help bubble. 

 REBOOK YOUR NEXT SESSION(S):  We recommend you rebook in advanced to make sure you get the spot you need. Space is limited. When you come back, we can check the progress of your skin. Keep in mind:  As your skin changes, home care products and facial treatment will change, your skin will require specific nutritional needs based on the stage it's at.  That's PROGRESS. :) <3




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