The Detox


Purify congested or irritated skin with this clarifying facial. “The Detox”, features a deep pore cleansing action with our Pore Cleanse, extractions, and our healing O2 Infusion to diminish scarring, pigmentation, blemish/acne and redness in your skin.

  • Great for: Soothing irritated ,congested and blemish/acne skin
  • Product Lines Used: Rhonda Allison, Luzern Laboratories, Mary Cohr
  • Care Recommended: once a month and up to twice a month for oily skin
  • Recommended Appetizers: Enyzme Peel, Skin Renewal, O2 Eye Rescue, Hands or Feet Rejuvenate


What Is In This Treatment?

Pore Cleanse

Deep Cleansing With Thermoclean Electrode
Our professional skin therapist selects a specialized deep cleansing gel customized to the skin type of the client and then pass the electrode over the entire face. 
The soft heat of the electrode helps to eliminate toxins and releases the skin from excess oil (sebum).


Immediate Visible Results:

  • Helps to unravel tension in the face and to drain the tissues for more rested and glowing complexion (beauty modeling)
  • Skin breathes better and is more absorbent to skin care products, reduces amount of products that would sit on top of the face at the end of the facial treatment
  • Skin complexion is more radiant and sharper
  • Softens the skin for easier extractions of blackheads


O2 Infusion

Healing Of The Skin With Oxygen And Vitamins
Combining Oxygen Dermal Complex, a professional serum treatment, with PureBlue O2 Oxygen Concentrator, we treat the skin with a state-of-the art yeast (derived from plants) fermentation to increase uptake of oxygen to skin cells with vitamin peptides, multi-minerals and anti-irritant, anti-bacterial plant extracts.


The Detox Benefits

  • Stimulates collagen synthesis to reduce acne scarring
  • Relieves redness and irritation associated with acne-prone skin
  • Eliminates bacteria associated with acne
  • Speeds healing of the skin to clear acne and blemishes
  • Deeply penetrates with a super cocktail of vitamins


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