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Reveal silky, hair-free skin with our Wax Bar, a full suite of long-lasting waxing treatments for the face and body.

Dermaly offers one of the best waxing experiences in Vancouver. We use carefully warmed, high quality wax to remove your unwanted hair quickly and evenly. Your smooth skin will last for weeks and the regrowth hair will be noticeably softer and finer.

Choose our Wax Bar anytime you want to remove hair in a precise area, such as your eyebrows, or from larger areas, like your legs, underarms, back, or bikini line. Our waxing options are also a great choice for people with coarse hair that is hard to remove using other methods.

Your smoothest, hair-free skin awaits at the Dermaly Wax Bar. Let’s get started!


  • Removes unwanted hair on the face or body and keeps it off for weeks
  • Offers a super quick professional treatment with minimal discomfort
  • Ensures a precise, clean line of hair removal
  • Allows you to wait longer between appointments with finer, less noticeable regrowth
  • Exfoliates your skin to leave it hair-free and incredibly smooth

What’s on the menu?

French Bikini

Go French and take just a little off the side and top of your bikini line with the French Bikini.

  • Price: $50


Choose this classic waxing option to remove just a bit off the sides and top of your bikini line.

  • Price: $45


Shape perfect arches for your face with this option to clean up under, in the middle, and on top of your brows, plus light trimming. 

  • Price: $25

Lip, Chin, or Sides of Face

Remove any unsightly hair growth with our targeted wax for either the area above the lip, chin, or sides of your face.

  • Price: $30

Full Face

Need the works? Choose our Full Face wax for a smooth, hair-free face.

  • Price: $55

Full Back or Chest

Get ready for swimsuit season with this full wax for your chest or back.

  • Price: $55


Bare your arms with confidence with our quick underarm wax.

  • Price: $30

Half Legs

Touch up your legs on the bottoms or tops with our Half Legs wax.

  • Price: $50

Full Legs

Skip your daily shaving routine with our Full Legs wax to give you silky, hairless legs for weeks.

  • Price: $95

Half Arms

Use our Half Arms wax to take off the hair above or below your elbow.

  • Price: $55

Full Arms

Show off naturally hair-free arms with our Full Arms wax.

  • Price: $75


Erase your Treasure Trail with this quick wax along your tummy.

  • Price: $20

Your Dermaly Wax Bar experience

Waxing doesn’t have to be scary! Our gentle team of licensed skin experts will apply just the right amount of carefully warmed wax to remove your unwanted hair.

We work quickly and effectively. Your waxing is done before you can even say “Ouch” and you’ll have silky smooth skin for weeks on end.

Follow these steps to get the best experience at Dermaly’s Wax Bar:


  • Allow about 1 to 2 weeks of hair growth, as we need about ¼” of hair to work with
  • Exfoliate your skin to remove any rough layers that will prevent the wax from properly adhering
  • Super sensitive skin? Take over-the-counter pain relief, such as Advil or Tylenol, or apply a numbing cream about ½ hour before your appointment

After Care:

  • Soothe any skin tenderness with a gentle skin treatment like aloe, cortisone or Neosporin
  • Protect your skin from sun exposure for 24 hours after your wax
  • Prevent ingrown hairs by exfoliating your skin regularly

Your skin’s long-term health matters to us. At the end your wax, we’re happy to provide recommendations on the right professional skin care products to keep your skin looking beautiful.

Get ready to show off silky hair-free skin. Contact us today to book your next appointment >

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