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Step up to our Facial Bar for your choice of amazing facial treatments to cleanse, tone, and revitalize your skin. Your delicate facial skin is one of the first places to show signs of environmental toxins, stress, and aging, so we’ve tailored our facials to restore your skin with the highest quality of powerful, yet gentle ingredients. Each Dermaly facial features a complete skin treatment solution tailored to your skin’s unique needs and current condition. The results are simply incredible: clear, radiant skin like you’ve never seen it before. We do optimized facial…

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Reveal silky, hair-free skin with our Wax Bar, a full suite of long-lasting waxing treatments for the face and body. Dermaly offers one of the best waxing experiences in Vancouver. We use carefully warmed, high quality wax to remove your unwanted hair quickly and evenly. Your smooth skin will last for weeks and the regrowth hair will be noticeably softer and finer. Choose our Wax Bar anytime you want to remove hair in a precise area, such as your eyebrows, or from larger areas, like your legs, underarms, back, or bikini line. Our waxing options are also a great choice for people with…

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