Collagen Papaya Boat Recipe

Have you had those days when you were not eating so healthy and you either broke out or looked faded.

Then you felt guilty about it and went on a healthy diet binge and noticed your skin was looking great and glowing plus you were feeling pretty good?

There is a saying that, “You are what you eat”? And diet also plays a major role in the overall health of the skin. 

Here we are going to share a simple recipe to help make it fun and appealing to include fruits into your diet. 

Collagen Papaya Boats


1 Papaya
Coconut Yogurt (or any other yogurt of your choice)
2.5 tsps (1 serving) Coconut Marine Collagen + Co-Factors

Your Favorite Topping Choices, options below or your own:
Chia seeds⁣
Hemp hearts⁣
Bee pollen⁣
Coconut flakes


How To Make:

1) Take your papaya and cut lengthwise. You’ll see black seeds. Scoop ‘em out.⁣ (Note: Dig it deeper so you can fill it the inside of the “boat”)

2) In a small bowl mix your favourite yogurt (Or coconut yogurt) with 2.5 tsps (1 serving) of Coconut Marine Collagen + Co-Factors.

3) Once mixed, pour into the scooped out part of the papaya⁣

Next: add your favourite toppings! ⁣

Chia seeds⁣
Hemp hearts⁣
Bee pollen⁣
Coconut flakes

Enjoy! Click here to shop Marine Collagen + Co-Factors.

Reference: courtesy of Liz Shaw @bendbeauty

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