Get Ready To Glow This Spring

Our Vancouver skin spa team outlines full-body skin care and rejuvenation tips.

Are You Ready For Spring?

Spring in Vancouver brings warmer weather, longer days, and the opportunity to shed some of those heavy winter layers. While we loved this winter’s turtleneck trend, spring is the ideal time to show a little more skin to soak up those first rays of sun (but only after applying a nourishing broad spectrum SPF lotion, of course).

The opportunity to wear shorter sleeves, higher hemlines, or open backs has many of our Vancouver clients seeking quick and efficient skin rejuvenation options. That’s why Vancouver skin spa team has outlined a few common skin issues that can arise after winter, along with tips to restoring your appearance to a beautiful, natural, and healthy state.

After Winter, You May Experience...

Duller Skin

Dull skin can be caused by a deprivation of oxygen and nutrients. The skin can also become dull and chapped-looking when it is dry or dehydrated.

TIP: Extra-rich moisturizers are specially formulated to restore a healthy and radiant glow to dried-out skin. In the winter, hands and feet can become especially dry, and there are specialized options available to restore a softness and hydration. Scrubs and softeners are perfect for prepping your feet for sandal season, and hand creams are ideal for restoring moisture to worn out hands.

Increased Blemishes

Dry, cold-chapped, or flaky skin--combined with heavy moisturizers and too few exfoliation treatments--can lead to skin care disasters. If your skin has become irritated or blemished over the winter, professional extractions and exfoliation treatments at our Vancouver skin spa can restore a balanced feeling and beautiful look with minimal discomfort.

Tip: A “back facial” can help clear congested skin on your back and shoulders. It’s always safer to have a professional handle extractions (doing it yourself can lead to scarring!) but the back is an especially hard-to-reach area that can seriously benefit from the care of a professional skin spa team.

This Spring, You Might Be Looking For....

Dewy Skin

Dewy, glowing skin is the result of having hydrated and clear skin. Hydration-packed skin rejuvenation treatments that seal in the moisture are key to getting your summer glow on.

Rejuvenated Skin

Vancouver winters can take a toll. Shorter days or gloomy weather can leave many people feeling tired or drained. The perfect pick-me-up is a skin rejuvenation treatment aimed at restoring brightness, plumpness, and an even skin tone.

Hair Removal Options

Spring may have many individuals exploring their options for hair removal. A professional waxing treatment can be a great alternative to shaving: say goodbye to razor bumps and prickly regrowth! A professional waxer can quickly address legs, arms, face, bikini, or underarms.

Treatment of Personal “Issue Areas”

In addition to establishing a strong baseline of healthy skin, many individuals are seeking skincare treatment for areas that are personal to them. 

These May Include:

  • This includes:
  • Anti-aging treatments
  • Treatments for conditions such as acne, skin bumps, psoriasis or eczema
  • Skin rejuvenation therapy for concerns such as sunspots or freckles

At our Vancouver skin spa, we provide comprehensive skincare solutions that take your unique needs into account and provide long-lasting, natural and incredible skin rejuvenation results!


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