Simple Green Smoothie Recipe

Green Smoothie That Don’t Taste Bad

The Discovery of the Green Smoothie

The first time I came across a green smoothie recipe was when I was taking an online life building course and the hostess looked very good for her age. She was in her 50’s and her complexion was glowing and smooth. 

She shared her Green Goddess Smoothie Recipe and I was hooked.

Before I had always felt sluggish, my face looked dull and I felt guilty that I didn't eat anything healthy to “balance” or “cancel” out the days I was not eating so cleanly. (Chips are my guilty food.)

After trying green smoothies for the first time, I noticed that my vision was more clear, I had more energy and felt good that I was getting my daily intake of fruits and veggies.

Hooray to a balanced diet :)

After a week of green smoothie, my skin was glowing...

What You Eat, Shows On Your Skin...

In the world of skin caring, internal nutrition also plays a vital role in overall healthy skin. They say that the condition of the skin is a clear indicator of the internal health of the body. 

But after two weeks of drinking the same smoothie, I was getting bored. (Lol, I can’t believe I drank that for two weeks straight).  It was then I started to explore what other types of green smoothies I could make. 

I tried winging it and a couple of recipes online. It tasted horrible :(

That’s when I asked myself “Where did I go wrong?”.

Finding The Better Tasting Green Smoothie

Until I came across this recipe card...

...HELLOoo Simple Green Smoothie.
And goodbye to single recipe cards with specific greens/fruits I didn't like.

If, god forbid, I missed an ingredient, that whole thing tasted terrible Yuck! Plus my fridge was crammed with all these ingredients that were for that one recipe...

What I like about this card is the flexibility and variety of green smoothies I get to create. This combination was the perfect measurement, it never turned out bitter or weird tasting. I’ve been using this recipe card for 2 years. And after a good test drive, it’s time to share this with you all.

Because one of the questions my clients always ask is, “Should I be eating something better?” or “I know I should be eating more fruits and veggies but there’s so much chewing”. 

The great thing about smoothies is it’s quick to make and it’s like a mini meal to go. Giving you the confidence that you’re adding a boost of antioxidants to your body.


I use a single cup Ninja Bullet to make them. Easy, clean and quick for the on the go lifestyle.



Reference: courtesy of Jen Hansard, co-founder of Simple Green Smoothies


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