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Dermaly's Vancouver skin spa team outlines how to get dewy, glowing skin this spring.

Vancouver skin care buffs might look at spring as the perfect season. Not too hot, not too hold, no wind-chapped skin and no  sun damage to worry about, right? Well, kind of. While spring can be a beautiful time of year, like every season it may have some elements that leave your skin--especially the sensitive skin on your face--looking or feeling less than ideal.

At Dermaly, a leading Vancouver skin spa, we are able to create customized skin care treatment plans to treat concerns such as hyperpigmentation, acne and any facial redness, to give you beautiful, healthy skin all year round!

Spring Skin Care Pitfalls 

Skin Redness and Irritation

Due to temperature fluctuations and allergies in the springtime, your skin may experience an increased amount of irritation and redness.

Our Vancouver skin care team is able to provide incredible facial treatments to cleanse and revitalize your skin for a smoother, clearer complexion.


An increase in temperature can cause an increase sweating, which results in breakouts and clogged pores. Plus, many people stop using acne cleansers in the winter because they can be so drying. 

If you are using an acne skin care products, it may be time to reintroduce them into your routine this spring to prevent breakouts and keep your skin healthy.


Vancouver sunshine may be a relief after cold winter days, but don’t go basking in the sun before preparing for it! In Vancouver, hyperpigmentation or sun damage on the face can be common. 

While we are able to provide The Detox Facial at our skin spa to treat any hyperpigmentation, it is still recommended that you protect your skin by:

  • Applying sunblock (SPF of at least 30) before going out
  • Limiting the amount of time you spend in the sun
  • Using gentle skin care products and avoid picking at your blemishes

Spring Skin Care Tips

With the right preparation, tips from our professional Vancouver skin care team, and a customized at-home routine, your skincare issues can become a thing of the past. 


A good cleanser is a must if you wish to avoid breakouts or the look of dull skin. Experts recommend a two-step process: makeup removal and a second step for deeper skin cleansing

Our Facial Bar Pick: The Detox or the Pore Cleanser 


Exfoliation is essential to keep all skin types looking radiant, fresh, and beautiful. Plus, a treatment that helps remove layers of dead skin can help cut down on the type of buildup that contributes to breakouts or irritation. 

Facial Bar Pick: The Refresher with the Enzyme Peel 


Protecting your skin from the elements is just as important in the spring as it is in the summer and winter. To adapt your routine for the spring, opt for a lighter moisturizer and lightweight sunscreen formulas. Lightweight formulas make it easier to layer essentials like sunscreen and moisturizer with your favourite cosmetics. 

Our Beauty Bar Pick: The Ultimate


Soothing, hydrating, and nourishing your skin can help undo any damage your skin may have faced over the winter, and can get your it in the best shape for summer.

Our Facial Bar Pick: The Skin Booster Facial

Know Your Skin

Knowing your skin is extremely important in developing a skin care treatment plan that is safe and effective and which treats the root cause of any existing issues.

When you book a consultation at Dermaly Skin Spa, our specialists take the time to analyze your unique skin profile and develop a customized face and body care routine that accentuates your natural beauty and prevents any unwanted skin issues.

Our Facial Bar Pick: The First Time Visit

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We have a menu of services ranging from facials to full-body treatments and a wide range of products to help you keep your spring glow going strong at home. To learn more about Dermaly’s Vancouver skin care offerings, send us a message at info@dermaly.com.

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