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Waxing Facts, Myths, and Tips

Are you looking for an alternative to razors or depilatories? Do you want smooth skin all over for a mid-winter vacation...without having to worry about shaving? Would you like an alternative to bleaching creams for facial hair? If this sounds like you, waxing might be a good option to explore. This hair removal technique is a useful option for anyone seeking either body or facial hair removal.

Vancouver waxing specialists at Dermaly know that with the wide variety of wax products and techniques on the market and the many options in Vancouver, hair removal information that is straightforward and specific can be hard to come by. That’s why Dermaly’s waxing specialists have laid out a quick comparison of waxing, shaving, and depilatories, and busted three major myths about waxing. The Dermaly team has also provided some as some tips to ensure your sessions run smoothly.

Where Does Waxing Fit In?

Shaving Waxing Depilatories
Using a razor, hairs on the legs, underarms, or bikini areas are shaved, which cuts off the hair at the skin’s surface. Hot or cold wax is applied to the skin and then removed quickly in the direction opposite of hair growth. Waxing can work on the legs, tummy, bikini area, back, or face. Depilatories are lotions containing ingredients that dissolve the hair above the skin’s surface. Depilatories can be used on most of the areas wax can be used, although different formulas may be required.
Depending on the individual, results last 1-4 days. Waxing lasts around 3 weeks, but depends on the individual’s rate of hair growth. The results of hair-removal creams can last a few days longer than shaving.


Our Vancouver hair removal and skincare team suggests waxing because:

  1. The results last longer than alternatives.
  2. Results don’t come with the possibility of razor nicks and bumps, or irritation from hair removal creams. Waxing is not only effective for removing hair on legs, arms and the bikini like, but can be an effective and long-lasting form of facial hair removal.


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What You Need To Know Before Booking Your Vancouver Waxing Appointment

Myth - 1: Waxing is highly painful, and out of the question if you have sensitive skin.

  • While waxing can cause some temporary pain, the right preparation a qualified Vancouver hair removal professional can help minimize discomfort.
  • A related myth is that waxing pulls on the skin, but this is not true if the wax is applied properly: the wax grabs onto the hairs rather than the surrounding skin.

Tip: There are many ways to minimize discomfort during waxing.

  • If you are sensitive to pain, take a painkiller one half hour before your appointment.
  • Hair should be ¼ to ½ inch long before each session. This ensures the wax can grip and pull the hair out from the root, but is not to long to cause any uncomfortable “pulling” sensation, or snap off the hairs.     
  • There are cold wax options available for those who dislike hot wax.


Myth - 2: You don’t need to exfoliate after waxing.

Waxing will leave your skin beautifully smooth and hair-free for weeks, but if you’re hoping it doubles as exfoliation, we have bad news: it doesn’t. 

It’s important to follow your regular skin care and exfoliation routine, because it keeps your skin looking silky and can help prevent annoyances such as ingrown hairs.

Tip: Exfoliate before your waxing session, but do not use a harsh cleanser. Continue exfoliating starting a day or two after your waxing session to maintain smooth and silky skin.

If you have sensitive skin, ask your esthetician about the best exfoliation options for the days after your wax treatment.


Myth - 3: Waxing is a permanent hair removal technique.

While some people swear that waxing has led to less hair re-growth, this isn’t true of everyone. Most professionals state that it would take decades for waxing to disrupt the follicle for the hair to stop growing altogether.  However, waxing does have some upsides compared to shaving: re-growth between waxing sessions is usually finer and less noticeable. This is because the hairs are pulled out by the root rather than cut off above the surface by a razor, which can lead to a darker or more “stubbly” appearance.

Tip: For best results, book waxing sessions once every four weeks.

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