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VIRTUAL CONSULTATION                                                                      


Need expert advice? Discover how you can get back into the driver's seat of your skin!

Get personalized skin coaching from a professional esthetician with a step by step consultation to help you

  • learn about your unique skin type
  • break the ongoing cycle of skin issues and get to clear, healthy, and glowing skin
  • maintain optimal health of your skin.

Beyond your skin assessment, your consultation also includes personalized home care guide tailored to you, product recommendations from a range of professional and medical grade skin care and more.


  • 1: Your Top Skin Concern(s)
    Your Virtual Consult begins with a Q&A discussion of your specific goals and concerns. Through a series of comprehensive questions, this will provide an insight in your individual skin type, needs, and deficiencies that could be missing in your skin.
  • 2: Taking A Look At Your Skin
    The discussion of your skin concerns (and what we can see via Video) will determine the diagnosis of your skin type and what the next steps to get your skin clear.
  • 3: How You Are Feeding Your Skin
    The Esthetician will provide you with nutritional advice as related to your skin.
  • 4: Your Current Home Care
    Bring your current skin care products to your video appointment for an unbiased evaluation.
  • 5: Your Personalized Skin Prescription
    Your Esthetician will choose your skin type; provide a treatment plan tailored to combat your skin concerns, and goals, along with product suggestions from our Professional and Medical Skin Care Collection of World Re-known Skin Care Brands


  • Each first time consultation is 60-65 minutes. Appointments are in Pacific Standard Time

  • Includes 1 Free Follow up consultations is 30 minutes, when you're using our skincare products purchased from our site.

  • Each consultation is free when you purchse $100 in skincare products at the end of your appointment (read our return policy). You will be charged a $100 booking fee to secure your scheduled appointment. At the end of the consultation, the $100 can be applied as credit toward any product purchases.



(For Virtual ONLY)
Video Link Provided in Booking Confirmation Email

Time Zone: PST (Pacific Standard Time)
Available Language: In English 

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