Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a facial?

A regular facial routine is more about skin health and maintenance than it is about luxury or pampering. You see, facials increase circulation and stimulate the skin for cell renewal – processes which help to significantly improve common skin conditions like rosacea, acne and redness. Facial treatments also have proactive benefits when it comes to premature aging and slowing down the formation of wrinkles, so that skin remains bright and youthful.

Why do I need to see a professional skin consultant?

Just as you visit the doctor or dentist for check-ups, you should see your professional skin consultant to maintain optimum skin health – helping you to look and feel your best. Dermaly’s certified skin consultants are experts when it comes to skin health and will comprehensively address your skin-care concerns. Intensely-educated, they deliver real results through spa treatments, and in prescribing products to maintain your skin health at home, between facials.

How soon will I start seeing results from my facial?

While results are visible to some people right away, your skin should immediately feel different. An improved level of health will be evident with skin feeling beautifully smooth, clean and hydrated.

Visible results may not be apparent immediately following your facial, particularly if your skin has more advanced needs like acne, aging or hyperpigmentation (whether caused by sun damage or hormonal fluctuations). Expect to see improvement over the long-term as you follow your professional skin consultant’s advice, including the prescribed home-care regimen.

Is one facial enough to see results?

While some people can see results immediately following their facial, a home-care regimen is recommended to maximize the benefits of the spa treatment. For continued improvement in the appearance of the skin and correction of advanced needs, regular facials are required.

How often do I need a facial?

For most people, facials are recommended once per month for maintaining optimal skin health. However, you should ask your consultant as they may suggest a different schedule based on your skin’s specific needs and your desired outcomes. For corrective purposes – this could be every two to three weeks.

Do I need to have a follow-up facial after one treatment?

If you’re hoping to see continued benefits to your skin health or want to correct a particular concern, then subsequent facials are recommended. Your skin care consultant will be able to advise you on an appropriate schedule.

What kind of skin care products do you use?

Dermaly carries only professional and clinical grade skin care brands that can’t be found over the counter. We believe in truly improving the appearance of the skin, and one way to do that is to feed your skin with high-quality active ingredients that are made to deliver immediate results. We are also careful to avoid harmful ingredients.

If I get a facial, do I have to use the recommended products from Dermaly at home?

No, however it’s recommended you talk to your professional skin consultant about what products you are using. Many products from drug stores or beauty counters contain ingredients that cause or contribute to skin issues such as dryness, oiliness and redness.

Our skin consultants recommend home-care products for corrective purposes from only professional and clinical grade brands. As they contain highly active ingredients, these products are not available over the counter. To maximize the benefits and prolong the effects of your treatment, use the recommended professional home care products to continue seeing improvement in your skin health.


Introducing new products to the skin


I’ve tried new skin-care products before and had unexpected outcomes – why does this happen?

Sometimes, using a new product or a new mix of products can cause the skin to have an adverse reaction—even if the products are well formulated.

At first, the results can seem exciting, but then, overnight, or even weeks later, you see small bumps, redness, swollen eyes, or itchy patches that feel dry and look scaly.

This may be caused by:

  • Using too many "active" products at one time. With anti-aging or anti-acne products, some people think that if a little is good, then more must be better. For example, they may use several types of exfoliants at the same time, then a vitamin C serum, a prescription retinoid, and finish with a skin-lightening product. This combination may appear to work at first, but then the real results become apparent – with skin becoming increasingly sensitive or reactive when it was normal before.
  • Compromised skin barrier. When your surface skin is healthy, it looks and feels much like a baby’s skin - soft, smooth and plump. But, when your surface skin is damaged, it will appear tough, dull and dehydrated. An impaired skin barrier plays a role in heightened skin sensitivity as well as negative reactions to a well-formulated product with active ingredients. Once the skin barrier is healthy, it will be able to handle active ingredients for optimal visible results.


My skin is sensitive – how do I introduce new products to my skin?

We recommend starting with one or two products that are the least active and gradually introducing one new product at a time (one week apart). This will allow your skin to adjust to the nutrition level for each product as it is introduced, and to help determine the right combination of products that are an ideal match for your skin type.

What should I do if my skin reacts?

If your skin reacts to a prescribed product or facial treatment, your first step is to notify your professional skin consultant. At this point, you will take a 1-3 day break from the use of the product. Your consultant may prescribe something to alleviate the reaction, speed up the healing process and strengthen the skin.

Once your skin calms, your consultant will recommend a gradual restart of your regimen by adjusting the frequency of use of each item. Alternatively, each product may be re-introduced one at a time into your routine, from least to most active.


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