About Catio Clean (ACNE/BLACKHEAD)


Detoxify your skin for a clearer complexion  with a deep thermo- cleansing electrode that emits low heat to eliminate excess oils and toxins from the skin


Skin Deep Cleansing

Catio Clean is a patented care method using soft heat diffused by an electrode to help eliminate toxin, release the skin from excess oils, relaxes tensions in the face and drains the tissues for a radiant skin.


Reveal A Healthier Complexion

The Professional Skin Consultant selects a cleansing gel with active botanicals and a gentle dose of AHA’s or BHA’s adapted to the skin type then passes the electrode 
over the entire face. Soft heat emitted from the electrode feels like a relaxing hot stone facial massage. This allows the skin to breathe better and be more receptive to skin care products.  

Pore Cleanse Benefits

  • Allows the skin to breathe better
  • Skin is more receptiive and allows better product absorption
  • Melts away excess oils produced on the skin
  • Skin Complexion appears more clear and radiant
  • Softens blackeads for easier extractions


Key Tip: For easier blackheads extractions, Pore Cleanse is best combined with Enzyme Peel 


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