Getting A Handle On Your Skin

How a Skincare Professional Can Help You Achieve Optimal Results with Your Skin

Are you looking to get a handle on your skin?

Every journey towards improvement begins with getting the right information.

Today, with so much conflicting information available on skincare, we understand that one of the ways people find out if a product or routine works for them is by trial and error. Perhaps you’ve tested some products on your own skin, got a recommendation from a friend, or purchased from a company with clever marketing.

But this process of trial and error could be stopping you from achieving optimal results, or even damaging your skin – all without you even knowing. You may have even come to the mistaken conclusion that your skin is the best it will ever look right now.

What’s important to understand is that there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to skincare. Everyone is unique, and so is their skin. For homecare, skin nutrition is the most critical factor. The level of nutrition and potency required for your skin depends on your age, the severity of your condition, lifestyle, and environmental factors. Your skin condition is unique and there can be several underlying conditions that are going untreated.

A Common Case

One example is acneic skin conditions. You may see acne, breakouts, oily skin. But the trained eye of a professional skin care therapist can also see:

  • Impaired skin barrier function (the foundation of your skin – if your skin barrier function isn’t healthy, your skin cannot heal properly).
  • Skin’s inability to absorb (severe dehydration, everything feels oily and heavy).
  • Loss of hydration (resulting in excess oil production, can be through excess exfoliation and retinols).

People who exhibit these conditions often make excessive use of AHA and BHA exfoliants. These exfoliants may treat your breakouts but can also dry out your skin. This can lead to the ongoing production of excess oil and can further damage the skin if you’re applying to a skin barrier that’s reactive.

When AHA and BHAs are used at the right frequency and when the skin is ready for it, they are powerful ingredients to incorporate into your homecare regime. But it can be hard to determine when to use these products and how often all on your own.

This is where a trained professional comes in, taking the guesswork out of homecare and saving your skin from the frustration of trial and error, and the damage you could be causing your skin in the process.


Moving Forward With Your Skin!

At Dermaly, we believe that improving the health of your skin naturally requires the use of active ingredients, which penetrate the deepest layers of your skin, where the skin cells are alive. We have designed each of our facials with professional grade machines to increase the percentage of your skin’s absorbency. This is how we nourish and nurture the skin cells deep within, so when new skin regenerates and surfaces, healthier skin shows through.

Whether you are an advanced skincare addict or just in the process of learning the basics, getting the right information and guidance will make all the difference. It’s essential to seek out the help of a professional if you want your skin looking the best it possibly can.

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