Step up to our Facial Bar for your choice of amazing facial treatments to cleanse, tone, and revitalize your skin.

Your delicate facial skin is one of the first places to show signs of environmental toxins, stress, and aging, so we’ve tailored our facials to restore your skin with the highest quality of powerful, yet gentle ingredients.

Each Dermaly facial features a complete skin treatment solution tailored to your skin’s unique needs and current condition. The results are simply incredible: clear, radiant skin like you’ve never seen it before.

Be amazed by how beautiful your skin can be at the Dermaly Facial Bar. Let’s get started!


  • Restores healthy moisture to your skin
  • Releases built-up toxins and impurities
  • Diminishes fine lines, wrinkles, and hyper-pigmentation
  • Alleviates inflammation from acne, rosacea, and general skin sensitivity
  • Increases blood flow to encourage collagen production for plump, vibrant skin

What’s on the main menu?

The First Time Visit 

Start on the right track with your skin! A private 45 minute consultation reserved with a Professional Skin Consultant including a FACIAL. During the consult you will experience a non-rushed atmosphere where you have the time to explain what has worked and what hasn’t. Our goal is to help you reach your goal.

  • Required for: All first time Dermaly Customers
  • Price: $115 | 90 minutes (Consultation including treatment: The Refresher Facial + vitamin infusion with Pure Blue Oxygen Machine)
  • Recommended Appetizers: Any

The Follow Up Visit

Not sure what to do next as your skin improves? No problem, stay on track with your skin! The Follow Up Visit allows our Professional Skin Consultants to be updated on your skin condition and recommend the appropriate facial treatment within our menu. 

  • Great for: Monthly or in between monthly skin check-ups
  • Price: $125 | 75 minutes (This session includes any of the chosen facial that is recommended) 
  • Please Note: Available to clients that have already attended their initial visit at Dermaly. 

The Refresher

Give your skin a quick refresher with this efficient facial including double cleansing, exfoliation, serum, mask, massage and hydration.

  • Great for: In between monthly skin check-ups 
  • Price: $60 | 30 minutes
  • Recommended Appetizers: Any
  • Please Note:All first time clients must start with First Time Visit Facial


The Skin Booster 

Reboot your skin! The Skin Booster is designed to strengthen, overcome sensitivity and rebalance the foundation of the skin. Feed your skin with this comprehensive treatment using essential oils, the Catio Vital machine and O2 Infusion to penetrate active ingredients deep into the skin leaving it deeply cleansed, radiant and rehydrated. This treatment includes:

- Deep cleansing sauna heat mask to detoxify the pores.
- Relaxing massage with Essence Oils
- Mask, serum, moisturizers, spf

  • Great for: Sensitive, rosacea, reactive, dry, dehydrated skin or oily skin
  • Price: $125 | 75 minutes
  • Recommended Appetizers: Skin Renewal, Enzyme Peel, Pore Cleanse, Collagen Boost, O2 Eye Rescue, Hands or Feet Rejuvenate
  • Please Note:All first time clients must start with First Time Visit Facial


The Detox

Purify congested, oily, irritated skin with this clarifying facial. The Detox features a deep pore cleansing action with our Pore Cleanse, extractions, and our healing O2 Infusion to diminish scarring, pigmentation, blemished breakouts and redness in your skin.

  • Great for: Mild case of acne (Acne Grade 1 & 2), soothing irritated ,congested and dry blemish/acne skin 
  • Price: $125| 60 minutes
  • Recommended Appetizers: Enyzme Peel, O2 Eye Rescue, Hands or Feet Rejuvenate
  • Please Note:All first time clients must start with First Time Visit Facial

The Power Detox

Get serious about clearing up persistent acne! The Power Detox features a double deep cleansing action with a sauna heated mask with our Catio Vital Machine plus Pore Cleanse and Enzyme Peel to detox pores, break away excess oils and shine on the surface of the skin, and reduce active acne. While ionization and O2 Infusion penetrates active ingredients deeply into the skin to speed up healing of blemishes, pimples and soothe redness to reveal visibly clearer skin. High frequency is included to purify and oxygenate the skin, kill acne bacteria and aids in healing.

Depending on the severity of the acne, this treatment may be done in 2-4 week intervals until under control, and maintained thereafter every 4-6 weeks.

  • Great for: Stubborn cases of acne skin, cystic acne, breakouts, lots of redness, congestion, oily skin (Acne Grade 2 and 3)
  • Price: $145 | 75 minutes (Single Session)
  • Package of 3 sessions $391.50 | Package of 6 sessions $739.50
  • Recommended Appetizers: Enyzme Peel, O2 Eye Rescue, Hands or Feet Rejuvenate
  • Please Note: All first time clients must start with First Time Visit Facial

The O2 Glow 

Plump, brighten, and lift your skin with this incredible vitamin-infused oxygen facial. The O2 glow is clinically proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, delivering pure medical grade oxygen with our PureBlue Oxygen Machine. 

  • Great for: Rejuvenating tired or dull skin
  • Price: $120 | 60 minutes
  • Recommended Appetizers: Skin Renewal, Enzyme Peel, Pore Cleanse, O2 Eye Rescue, Eye Repair & Lift, Hands or Feet Rejuvenate
  • Please Note:All first time clients must start with First Time Visit Facial


The Vitamin C Facial (Clinical)

With both lipid soluble Vitamin C and DMAE to boost collagen production, repair free-radical damage and enhance facial tone, the Vitamin C Facial will provide instant visible results. Skin will appear smoother, brighter, suppler, firmer and lifted with a more defined facial contour. Includes a foot massage and our signature multivitamin O2 Infusion.

  • Great for: Aging skin that needs firming and brightness
  • Price: $145 | 60 minutes
  • Recommended Appetizers: Pore Cleanse, O2 Infusion, O2 Eye Rescue, Eye Lift & Repair, Hands or Feet Rejuvenate
  • Please Note:All first time clients must start with First Time Visit Facial


The Diamond Micro 

Eliminate evidence of past skin damage with our non-invasive powerful diamond microdermabrasion treatment. The Diamond Micro uses a diamond microdermabrasion wand, an innovative tool with tiny diamond chips at the tip to safely deliver a precise, targeted treatment to any skin. Great for lifting acne scarring and hyper pigmentation.

Once we’ve exfoliated your skin, we add Oxygen Infusion and Collagen Boost to seal in the benefits with maximum moisture and nutrients.

Includes a foot and leg massage.

*For optimal corrective results, strict use of professional grade skin care Luzern Laboratories to support, renew, and nourish your skin is essential during multiple sessions.

  • Great for: Acne scarring, hyper-pigmentation, fine lines, dull complexion, enlarge pores
  • Price: $170 | 75 minutes (Single Session), $640.00 (for series of 4)
  • Recommended Appetizers: O2 Eye Rescue, Eye Repair & Lift,Hands or Feet Rejuvenate
  • Please Note:All first time clients must start with First Time Visit Facial


The Wrinkle Reverse 

Reverse signs of aging with a focus on wrinkle correction. The Anti-Age Facial features a unique combination of diamond dermabrasion, microcurrent, Skin Renewal and O2 Infusion to trigger collagen and elastin production, the immediate visible results are firm, smooth and youthful-looking skin with a radiant glow.

  • Great for: Wrinkles deep lines, soft lines, dryness
  • Price: $195 | 90 minutes 
  • For maximum wrinkle correction results we recommend that you purchase a series of treatments
  • Package of 3 sessions $526.50
  • Recommended Appetizers: Hand or Feet Rejuvenate
  • Please Note:All first time clients must start with First Time Visit Facial


The Lift – Catio Vital

Tone and firm your facial muscles with this innovative treatment featuring our Catiovital machine. The Lift-Catio Vital includes lymphatic drainage, microcurrent and O2 Infusion.

  • Great for: Lifting facial muscles that has lost its firmness and tone
  • Price: $145 | 75 minutes (Deluxe), $90 | 45 minutes (Express)
  • For maximum Lifting results we recommend that you purchase a series of treatments- Treatment Frequency 2 times per week (1 Deluxe + 1 Express)
  • Package of 6 sessions $564 (Includes 3 Deluxe and 3 Express)
  • Recommended Appetizers: Skin Renewal, Pore Cleanse, Collagen Boost, O2 Eye Rescue, Hand or Feet Rejuvenate
  • Please Note:All first time clients must start with First Time Visit Facial


The Ultimate

What can we say? The Ultimate is just that, a full anti-aging treatment from head to toe that restores your skin’s vitality with the combined benefits of The O2 Glow, The Pore Cleanse, Skin Renewal, and our Hands or Feet Rejuvenate.

  • Great for: Aging skin that needs a full reboot
  • Price: $160 | 90 minutes
  • Recommended Appetizers: Enzyme Peel, O2 Eye Rescue
  • Please Note:All first time clients must start with First Time Visit Facial


Your Dermaly Facial Bar experience

Every treatment in our Facial Bar begins with a detailed assessment of your skin type, concerns, and goals.

We want to empower you to take amazing care of your skin, so we’ll educate you on how your skin functions and what you can do to keep it in great shape.

Then, we’ll administer your facial treatment, providing the right cleansing, exfoliation, nutrients, and massage your skin needs for a healthy glow.

Once your facial is complete, we’ll give you guidance on how to add healthier choices to your home skin care routine. Our wide selection of luxury skin care products will help you maintain beautiful, radiant skin long after your facial.

Join the Frequent Facial Series

Purchase any 3 facials and receive 10% off
Purchase any 6 facials and receive 15% off

*Does not apply to facials listed with series package pricing 

Be amazed by how beautiful your skin can be. Contact us today to book your next appointment >

Skin Appetizers

Round out your facial with these add-ons (booking a main facial is required):


Enzyme Peel

Feeds: Aging, acne-prone, or hyper-pigmented skin

Renew and bring radiance back to your skin with our Enzyme Peel, a resurfacing skin refining treatment using 30% pure glycolic acid and active ingredients: Kojic Acid, Blackberry, Vitamins A,C and E to smooth fine lines, improve elasticity, treat micro-cystic acne and stimulate new skin regeneration. (replaces basic exfoliation)

Pore Cleanse

Feeds: Blackheads, congested skin

Detoxify your skin for a clearer complexion with our Pore Cleanse, a specialized treatment with a deep thermo- cleansing electrode that emits low heat to eliminate excess oils and toxins from the skin.  


Hands or Feet Rejuvenate

Feeds: Neglected skin on the hands or feet 

Show your hardworking hands and feet some love with this softening, soothing treatment for dry, chapped skin. The Hands or Feet Rejuvenate includes a refreshing scrub, massage, and paraffin treatment. (+15 minutes)



Skin Renewal

Feeds: Dehydrated Skin with either conditions- Lines, wrinkles, sensitive skin

Soothe and moisturize your skin with our Skin Renewal mask, featuring a mineral-rich mask and rejuvenating serum. (+15 minutes)

Collagen Boost

Feeds: Lines, wrinkles, sensitive skin, acne scarring

Restore your skin’s firmness, smooth any wrinkles and calm the skin with our deeply nourishing Collagen Boost mask, includes a foot massage. (+15 minutes). 

O2 Infusion

Feeds: Wrinkles, fine lines, sensitive, dull or acne-prone skin

Reveal healthier skin with this signature vitamin-infused blast of pure grade oxgyen via PureBlue O2 Oxygen Machine. The O2 Infusion vitamin formula contains Vitamin C, collagen-plumping peptides, and apple stem cells that targets a wide range of skin conditions. (+15 minutes)

O2 Eye Rescue

Feeds: Dark under eye circles, crowsfeet, puffiness

Brighten, de-puff, and moisturize the skin around your eyes with our O2 Eye Rescue, includes nourishing eye mask and an oxygen infusion with multi-vitamins. (+30 minutes)

Eye Repair & Lift

Feeds: Delicate skin around eyes losing firmness and tone

Designed to make the eye contour area look younger- A gentle effective treatment that stimulates the muscles of the eye contour area to tone and firm, includes an eye repair mask to erase fatigue and add radiance. (+30 minutes)


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