Skin Consultation FAQ

How do I confirm that my appointment has been scheduled?
Once you book your appointment, a confirmation will arrive via email and text. When it gets close to your appointment date, you will get a reminder a few days before. If you have booked for a Virtual consultation, a link will be provided in your email/text.

Will diet and nutrition be addressed in my consultation?
Yes, we will be discussing how nutrition and food can affect the overall look and condition of the skin.

What language is available for my consultation?
Your consultation is offered by a licensed Esthetician in English.

What is your return policy?
Through we don't offer refunds, you can return any product within 30 days, starting on the date you receive your product (with your reciept), for an online shopping credt to use the next time you shop with us. We have a wide selection of products so if something isn't working, we encourage you to try another product. Read More>>

Should I remove my make up before my appointment?
In order to get the best assessment of your skin during video consult, it’s best to be make up free and be in a well-lit room so that we can easily see your skin. The same applies when you are taking pictures that you will email prior to your consult. When coming in person, please come make up free.

Why is it important to know my current skincare regime?
Knowing what products you are using and which steps you are following as part of your skincare routine helps us to better understand your commitment level, identify harsh ingredients that could be harming irritating your skin, and how frequently you are using your current products that could play a factor in preventing your from reaching your goals. This will help us to make the best assessment of what could be missing in your skin care routine.

What happens after my one-on-one consultation is completed?
After your consult, your esthetician will work on a personalized skin care plan featuring your skin type,  your ideal selection of products based on your skin care needs and a step by step routine guide on how to get the maximum benefits to get your skin moving forward. You will also be given a set of recommended blogs to read to smarten up your knowledge of skin.  Knowledge is Power!
Your personalized plan will be sent via email within 24 hours after your online consultation.

How long will it take to see results?
It takes 6-8 weeks for skin to rejuvenate, so any and all skincare regimes may take about that long to see optimal results and it will also depend your cell metabolism (how healthy and responsive your skin is) to see a real improvement.

Is it necessary to book a follow up consultation?
If you goal is to get your skin to completely clear and healthy a lot sooner, we do recommended follow ups because it will allow you stay right on track in working closely to  you skin changes as it  progresses. It's much like, knowing exactly what to do at each pivitol phase point to get to your goal destination faster and not get delayed. This will also allow us to catch anything that could be throwing your results off track/slowing it down. 
During follow up, we will take a look at where your skin is at,  adjust  the home care regime in frequency of use to make sure it's right for the current phase in the skin, and what you can integrate to assist your skin to next level. 

How many of my own personal products should I bring to my appointment for analyzing?
During our consult, we will be going over your current home care that you are using. To ensure we stay on time, we suggest you bring no more than 8 products. 

What if I’m running late?
Our scheduling system is designed to reserve  a correct amount of time to complete your session. If you are not available at the time of the appointment when we contact you.

What is your cancellation policy?
If you need to cancel/reschedule your appointment, we do request a 24 hour minimum notice to avoid cancellations fee. You can log into your client portal to change the appointment. 

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